What do you do with my money?
Running a hackerspace is a lot of fun, but the expenses really do pile up. We have to pay for rent, equipment, utilities, etc… This is where you come in!

How can I donate?
You can donate via PayPal or any major credit card using the donate button below, or come by for a visit and drop a donation off in person.

What’s in it for me?
Recognition and thanks. Check out our the donor list below! Unfortunately, we cannot offer charitable receipts as we are a non-profit and not a charitable organization.

I can’t give you any money, but…
If you’re interested in helping us out in other ways, drop us a line at Any kind of support is appreciated!

One-Time Donation

Recurring Donation


Saskatoon TechWorks gratefully acknowledges those donors whose cumulative contributions total $100 and above.

Gold ($1000+)

Silver ($250+)

  • Andrew Bergman
  • Tim Fretz
  • Jeremy Rose
  • Ryan Silk
  • Kevin Smith
  • John Tumbach
Bronze ($100+)
  • Paul Chavady
  • James Cooper
  • Jason Coutu
  • Adam Ducan
  • Michael Lulchak
  • Brett McLain
  • Jeremy Rans
  • Andrew Taylor