Bluetooth N64 Controller

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Bluetooth N64 Controller

Post by epoch19 » Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:18 pm

I thought I should finally post about my Bluetooth N64 Controller.

I have gotten spoiled because of wireless controllers for next gen consoles that I decided I wanted on to play N64 emulator on my computer.

I started with a cheap USB version of the controller (less than $15). I promptly played Mario Kart, Ocarina of Time and Golden Eye for several hours.

The rest of the hardware include:
RN-42 HID bluetooth module (I had a version from sparkfun with a carrier board)
Li-ion battery charger (had on hand from sparkfun)
500mAh li-ion battery (had on hand)
Low voltage dropout linear regulator (ordered from digikey part LE33CZ-TR)
PIC18F24J11 Microcontroller (actually used a PIC18F25J11 which has more program memory) I could have used an AVR as well
Small switch
I also used SIP resistor network for pull-down resistors on the button inputs
and of course some misc caps and resistors

A coulple of notes of the features of this project.
- 16 dedicated button inputs (possible but not used here)
- 4 analog inputs (2 used for joystick)
- USB mini charge port
- ISP accessible by ribbon cable in expansion slot

I cut the traces going to the existing chip on the circuit board and soldered wire wrap to the test points for each of the buttons and the joystick.
To fit everything into the controller I needed to cut some parts of the plastic away as well as reducing the size of the charger board.

And here are a couple pics for your viewing pleasure.


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