Protospace Rework Station Group Buy

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Protospace Rework Station Group Buy

Post by Kaldonis » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:30 am

Got this email from protospace:


Yes its finally happening!!!!

Alright, let me know numbers first. who wants what. Soldering stations, soldering tips, hot air elements?

For those of you at other hacker spaces let me know numbers from your group and we will make it happen for them. If your not familiar with what we are buying: ... oduct=4393

We WILL be shipping to other cities, but I only want to ship to hacker spaces. um, lets limit this to canada. otherwise feel free to pass it on.

Just so everyone is aware, i will be tacking on 5$ to each order to help save Protospace. As I think everyone knows we need an HVAC system and hopefully this will help. If you want to add more, just let me know.

Thanks again.

This can be for personal use or we can decide to get one for the space or whatever... post below if interested and I'll consolidate the orders and send them off to kan.