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Cut n Carve 25% off sale on Precise Bits products

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:14 pm
by FingerTech
We hope everyone is enjoying the summer season. We are sad to say that we will be discontinuing carrying Precise Bit products. Sales this year have been an all time low and thereby making it not viable for us to continue to sell or support the products. We do have a large inventory that we will be selling off at a 25% discount. Free shipping also will apply to over $100. Due to the large number of different bits it will be too much website editting to go live so please contact us with a part number and we will reply with quantity that we have and cost. It will be first come first serve so if you inquire about a product and we send you a qty and cost you will have a limited time to confirm ordering. So reply fast. Also please email your requests as phone ordering will not be permitted....too time consuming.

Again it is with sadness we must discontinue with Precise Bits Products.


Glen Peterson
Cut n Carve.