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Bergo's visit to Nashville Hacker Consortium

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:17 pm
by Bergo
a few of you may know that I was away on a business trip to the nashville area for the first half of Jan. While down there I met up with the guys from the local hackerspace there - Nashville's Hacker Consoritum (

A few pictures:

went to the gun range with some of the guys (me on the far left)
Kitchen area at HC (i'm jealous)
other side of kitchen
PA system in classroom
bathroom (with shower!, live in hacking must be encouraged!)

There are more pics on their website, I should have taken more, I will next time. They've also got a great server room, and a b ay dor in the back large enough to get vehicles in the space. Some of the larger tools they have in the space are a pair of welders, full mechanics toolchests, large fromat printers and vinyl cutters, and a laser printer.

Super friendly bunch, and i'll certinaly be going back next time I'm in the area. One of their members (Mudflap) gave me a "hackers passport" which was originally designed by Mitch altman of noisebridge hackerspace. They also staped it with their HC official stamp. It's a really cool idea to encourage visiting other hackerspaces, and I think we should get a stamp of our own, and print out some Hacker Passports!