2012 Western Canadian Robot Games (WCRG)

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2012 Western Canadian Robot Games (WCRG)

Post by FingerTech » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:22 am

Hey guys,

The Western Canadian Robotics Society is a hobbyist group that was created over 20 years ago to host the Western Canadian Robot Games (http://robotgames.com/) and educate the public about robotics & electronics. The 2012 Robot games are being hosted at the Calgary Aerospace Museum on May 12th and we project there to be 600 attendees.

This year I'm the VP of the WCRS and am attempting to get as many people as possible across Canada to participate in the Games. The competitions are open to all ages and include everything from sumo bots to line followers to off-road challenges. We're finalizing the details that would allow Canadians to mail-in their robots and have a volunteer assigned to care for it during the games, where multiple live feeds will go out through ustream or some other service.

Please pass this information along to your hackerspaces and geek circles as most of you have the skill to build a sick machine for this event. I'm leading a team at Protospace to make a bot for the off-roadbot challenge out of an EZ-B & electric wheelchair chassis :)

>> http://www.robotgames.com/2012-robot-ga ... istration/

Let me know if you have any questions!