Have an iPhone 4? Want a free 4s and $250?

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Have an iPhone 4? Want a free 4s and $250?

Post by DigitalOSH » Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:23 pm

I wanted an iPhone 4s, so I searched to see what the best method with me losing the least money was. This is what I came up with:

First off, I am with fido, but from my understanding this also works if you're with rogers. Secondly my monthly plan at fido was $123 for 700 minutes and 6 gigs of data with an 'iphone value pack' (unlim text, call forwarding, call display and visual VM).

This is what I did:

Called fido and asked about their 'switch to rogers and dont pay a cancellation fee' plan. Basically they cancel your fido contract at no charge and you go over to rogers and sign up there. You do have to transfer your number to do this, and you will have to pay the 3 year contract rate for a new phone, as well as re-sign for a 3 year contract. Basically you are doing a new phone setup

Call Fido and let them know you switched to rogers on their 'no cancellation fee' plan.

Sell your iphone 4 for $400, you walk away with a new 4s and a ~$250 bonus in your pocket.

In regards to plans, I signed up for Rogers' 'Unlimited consumer and business' plan. The rep will likely not know about it and will need to call into rogers to set you up on it. This may not be of any advantage for you, but this is what it gave me:

400 daytime minutes which they apparently will double to 800 for free (i dont get it either) and E/W starting at 6 - $35
6 gig data - $30
iPhone value pack (unlim text, call forwarding, call display and visual VM) -$20
standard network fees/other bullshit $??

Total is $87.50 before tax or $96.25, saving me $26.75/mo on top of everything else.

Lastly, if you sign up in december you get unlimited incoming for the first year

Too good not to share. Merry Christmas

TLDR; 1) Switch from fido to rogers or vice versa to be allowed to switch without payout penalty, 2) sell old iphone 4 for $400, 3) ????, 4) Profit