Nano Clone w/ CH340G


Nano Clone w/ ATMega328P and CH340Gnano

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This device is compatible with the Arduino Nano 3.0.

Note: Some devices are still showing up with the “old bootloader.”  If you find you can’t program your Nano in Arduino, try selecting “old bootloader” from the Processor menu.  If you want to be absolutely sure you get the “new bootloader” please leave a comment on your order and we will flash the latest bootloader for you.

The Nano is a breadboard-friendly microcontroller that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE.  This clone uses a CH340G USB to UART chip instead of the FTDI chip found on geniune Arduinos.  It requires a mini-USB cable to program it.  (The photo is a previous model with Micro-USB)

  • Atmel ATMega328P
  • 5V operation
  • Input voltage 7-12V (But can also be powered via the micro-USB connector)
  • 14 DIO pins (6 with PWM)
  • 8 Analogue Input pins
  • 32KB Flash
  • 2KB SRAM

You may need the following drivers for this device to work:
Windows Driver (2016-09-27)
Official Mac Driver (May have troubles 10.9 and later)
Signed Mac Driver (Should work with 10.9+)

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