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Fundraising Teams – 3D Printing 2022
1.Jim Grayston$100
2.Lee M.$100
3.Tyler B.$100
4.Karl M.$100
5.Shelly A.$100
6.James Cooper$100
7. Rylan Grayston$80
8.Cory Penno$50
9.Kevin McCartney$50
10.Claire B.$50
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After a recent meeting with the Board of Directors, the members all found themselves grappling with an important question: How do we enable the makers of the future to have a safe, available environment where they can learn, make and share? 

And our answer to that question is to provide better accessibility to the emerging technology of 3D printing  so that young makers can come and learn at our shop. Our members are always happy to share knowledge, mentor and guide new makers.

In order to do that, we are raising money again. For many years, we have had a variety of different 3D printers at the space, but none of them have met this need. They weren’t safe to be left unattended, or safe enough to teach a class of young makers how to 3D print. Our Makerbot Replicator 2 is rather dated and has some significant limitations. (eg, 2GB max size of SD card… try finding one of those now.) While there was a Prusa Mk3 on loan to the shop,  many of our members observed the reliability of a modern design 3D printer.

We have decided to try out the Ender 3 V2, which, we are told, should be “just as good as a Prusa Mk3, but without any real support from the manufacturer.” 

Our goals for our fundraiser:

  • Purchase three Ender 3 V2 printers that are safer for unattended operation
  • Connect them to an Octoprint server to make it easier to teach young makers and allow remote monitoring of prints
  • Get supplies so we can host some 3D printing classes aimed at young makers where our members can teach them and their parents the basics of 3D printing

Update: Since we already had enough for one printer, and since shipping is “free”, we already ordered the first one!  It might even be here in time for the Open House on April 23rd.

How can I donate?

There are several ways you can donate right now:

  • Send an Interac e-Transfer (EMT) to (we have “Autodeposit” enabled now, so no question/answer required)
  • Come by for a visit and drop a donation off in person.  We can also accept tap or chip and pin debit cards in person.
  • Or you can donate using the donate button below

3D Printer Campaign

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What’s in it for me?

Recognition and a sincere thanks for helping the next generation of makers find their passion.

Check out our the donor list below! Unfortunately, we cannot offer charitable receipts as we are a non-profit and not a charitable organization.

I can’t give you any money, but…

Many people have chosen to donate tools and supplies to us over the years. If you’re interested in helping us out drop us a line at

Any kind of support is always appreciated!


Saskatoon TechWorks would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions to our 3D printer project.  (Names will be expanded when permission is received.)

B L: $40 (In kind, octoprint server)
K N: $100
K T: $30
Lee M: $100
R H: $25
Rylan Grayston: $80
S J: $10
Tyler B: $100
Jim Grayston: $100
Cory Penno: $50
Clayton B: $20
Kevin McCartney: $50
Holly M: $20
Claire B: $50
D D: $20
Deborah F: $40
Kerry Hjertaas: $10
L M: $50
Michael Mitzel: $20
S H: $30
D I: $20

Past Campaigns

Saskatoon TechWorks would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions to our “CNC Mill” fundraising campaign:

  • Jane Bernhardt (g Heavy Industries): $550
  • Tony Toews: $300
  • Taylor Serson: $100
  • Jeff Martens-Koop: $30
  • James Cooper: $100
  • Jared Francais: $30
  • Torban Peterson: $100
  • Karl Neidzielski: $50
  • Taylor Serson: $200
  • Bill Derksen: $90
  • Albert La: $180.08
  • Misc. cash donations: $465.45