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#FF0000 Raised $380 towards the $2,000 target.

For many years ourĀ  member-made wooden CNC mill has served us well, but the fact that it can’t do high-precision or metal work has been quite a limitation. Because of this, we intend to purchase a Omio X6 CNC mill. This fast, rigid, metal mill, with a 4th axis, will allow us to make much more precise and complex pieces quickly and accurately. This purchase will help all of our members and help make Techworks more attractive to potential members. But it requires a significant investment that is beyond our ability to cover ourselves. That is why we are asking both our members and the public at large for your help.

How can I donate?

You can donate via PayPal or any major credit card using the donate button below, send an Interac eTransfer (EMT) to (we have “Autodeposit” enabled now, so no question/answer required) or come by for a visit and drop a donation off in person.

What’s in it for me?
Recognition and thanks. Check out our the donor list below! Unfortunately, we cannot offer charitable receipts as we are a non-profit and not a charitable organization.

I can’t give you any money, but…
If you’re interested in helping us out in other ways, drop us a line at Any kind of support is appreciated!

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Saskatoon TechWorks would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions to our “CNC Mill” fundraising campaign:

  • James Cooper: $100.00
  • John Tumbach: $100.00
  • Albert La: $180.08