Thank You to everyone who donated towards this project!  We are officially a Silversmith sponsor of Saskatoon MakerFaire 2018!

The additional funds donated will go towards getting new marketing materials such as brochures and business cards.

TechWorks needs your help!
#FF0000 Raised $1,200 towards the $1,000 target.

(non-members are welcome to participate, but I’m not twisting your arms.)
As many of you know, Saskatoon is getting a Mini Maker Faire in May 2018. To be clear, this is not put on by TechWorks. However, they are soliciting corporate sponsorships. If we were able to sponsor the Maker Faire at a “Silver” level, we can get our name and logo on their website, in their social media promotion, on digital signage at the event, and (more importantly, in my opinion) on their printed material such as posters and the program. I think this is an amazing opportunity to get our name out there to exactly our demographic.

“What’s in it for me?” More members. When we sign up more members, we have more cash available to maintain equipment, purchase new equipment, and, potentially, to expand at some point in the future. People that don’t know about us don’t sign up as members. And, let’s face it, we haven’t been particularly good at marketing ourselves… so let’s tag along with a pro. (The Maker Faire team includes a veteran of large event planning.)

So, the arm twisting… A silver sponsorship will cost us $1000. If 10 of us can spare $100, or 20 of us $50, it’s done. As a bonus, it appears we will get enough admission tickets with the sponsorship that we can provide you with a complimentary admission with your $50 or more donation towards this.

I have already put in my $100. I have 5 other pledges, but I want to count cash, not promises.

Oh… one catch. To get our logo on the “Call For Makers” poster, we need to work FAST. All of their timelines depend on Make approving their plans, but it seems like the posters will be made in early January. I would like for us to push hard and raise the needed funds by the end of December. (Yeah, that’s fast, I know.)

How can I donate?
You can donate via PayPal or any major credit card using the donate button below, send an Interac eTransfer (EMT) to (we have “Autodeposit” enabled now, so no question/answer required) or come by for a visit and drop a donation off in person.

What’s in it for me?
Recognition and thanks. Check out our the donor list below! Unfortunately, we cannot offer charitable receipts as we are a non-profit and not a charitable organization.

I can’t give you any money, but…
If you’re interested in helping us out in other ways, drop us a line at Any kind of support is appreciated!

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Saskatoon TechWorks would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions to our “Maker Faire Sponsorship” fundraising campaign:

  • Scott Walde $100
  • Roger Ford $100
  • Andrew Wright $100
  • James Cooper $100
  • John Tumbach $200
  • David Martin $20
  • Quentin Karmark: $40
  • Verne Walde: $60
  • Peter Frederiksen: $50.07
  • Albert La: $180.08
  • Randy Day: $50
  • Rylan Grayston: $200

We also extend our gratitude to the following donors and sponsors who have helped us in the past:

  • John Tumbach: $100
  • James Cooper: $50
  • Roger Ford: $50
  • Jeff Smith: $25
  • Rob Phillips: $10,000 for the purchase of a laser cutter
  • Scott Walde, Walde Technology: $1000
  • Kurtis Wanner, FingerTech Robotics: $600
  • Albert La: $150
  • John Tumbach: $50
  • Chad Coller: $200
  • Roger Ford: $200
  • Anthony Ho: $200
  • Roshan Thomas, Biktrix: $200
  • Kurtis Wanner, FingerTech Robotics: $100
  • Erik Frederiksen: $81.92
  • James Cooper: $50
  • Jeff Dyck: $50
  • Deb Jestin: $40
  • Jodi Jestin: $40
  • Ryan Johnson: $20
  • Tayab Soomro: $20