Learn to make soap at Saskatoon Techworks!


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Saskatoon Techworks
509A Gray Ave, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 0W1

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Learn to make soap at Saskatoon Techworks. ALL required materials will be supplied for this workshop, and you will go home with uncured soap that can be cut into about nine generous-sized bars of Hand-Crafted Natural Soap.

  • You will learn about the chemical reaction that takes place when making soap.
  • You will learn how to develop your own recipes and to evaluate existing recipes.
  • You will learn how to measure and combine the ingredients.


If you, optionally, wish to add a scent to your soap, you may bring your own essential oil for that purpose. If you are used to using EOs, you might be surprised at the amount required for cold process soap. Expect to use around 15ml for the size of batch we will be making.

Protective clothing. We will be working with Lye, which is very nasty on your skin or eyes, or clothing for that matter. Dress accordingly.



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