Soap Making!


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Saskatoon Techworks
509A Gray Ave, Saskatoon, SK

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Learn to make soap!
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What to bring: Oil.
Soap is made by chemically reacting lye with oil. The oil you choose will determine the characteristics of your soap. Some common oils:
Coconut Oil. This oil is essential for a hard bar of soap. But using too much will make the soap harsh on your hands. 20% of your total weight is good. You can buy this at a Halel food store. Costco has large jars, too.
Olive Oil. Makes a soft, very gentle soap. 100% olive oil soap is known as “Castille”. It doesn’t lather very well, and could get very soft in the soap dish, especially if it’s sitting in a bit of water. Don’t bother with “Extra Virgin”… it doesn’t provide any benefit for soap.
Lard: 100% lard actually makes a decent bar of soap. (even without coconut oil) This is probably what your grandma used.
Tallow: pretty much the same as Lard.
Canola Oil: Yes, this works too.
Shortening (Crisco): DON’T bring this.
Pretty much any pure vegetable oil will work, as long as we can find a “SAP” value for itIn total, you’ll probably want about 500g of oil for the size of batch we’ll make.
Also Required:
Stick Blender. If you have one, bring a stick blender. The cheaper the better. You _can_ make soap without it, but it makes the process so much easier. I have a few to use if you don’t have your own.
Protective clothing. We will be working with Lye, which is very nasty on your skin or eyes, or clothing for that matter. Dress accordingly.
Plastic containers. We will each need a few plastic containers for mixing and weighing. A large Becel tub and a couple of 750ml yogurt containers should do. Also, you’ll need a lower, flat container to store the soap while it cures. I have a few mixing containers, so we can share those.
Essential oils, if you want your soap to smell nice. Colours, too. Note that the hobby-store scents and colours are intended for “remelt” not actually making soap. Some work, some don’t.
Liquid Vitamin E capsules. Vitamin E is good for your skin. It also acts as a preservative. (Yes, soap can go bad.)
Lye will be provided.