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Saskatoon Techworks is moving!

Yes, that’s right! Effective November 1st, we will no longer be located at the 220. While this was a great starting location for us, in order to grow ourselves as a hackerspace we feel that it’s time to move on. We’re actually getting possession of our new space on October 1st, so we’ll be busy moving for most of October.

We’ll be sharing the exact location of our new space shortly, but for now here are some of the basic details:
– North Industrial area
– direct entry
– overhead door
– roughly the same square footage as our location at the 220

We are very excited about the space as it opens up many new possibilities for us (i.e. welding, etc). Stay tuned for more updates as we start to move in!


09 2012

Meeting Announcement: Tuesday, September 11th

7pm, Studio D, 220 20th St W. Much to discuss!


09 2012