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Jan 21 Workshop: Build a Combat Robot

With all the open house stuff, I forgot to post about our upcoming first workshop!

Build a Combat Robot will be held January 21, 1-5pm.  It is being put on by members of Saskatoon Combat Robotics (they host the Kilobots tournaments in town).

The Kilobots website lists topics including:

• RFL rules and regulations – so you know what is allowed and disallowed
• How to prepare for and attend events
• Robot designs and different weapons types
• Mechanical principles – frame construction, weight distribution, etc.
• Basic electronics – how motors work, radio transmitters, speed controllers, etc.
• Assembling the Viper Combat Robot Starter Kit.
• Kilobots mini-tournament

The workshop is $20 per robot built.  We have kits available for the day, or you can buy your own and take it home!  If you just want to sit in and learn, there is no cost.