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Spectrum 2013!

We’re happy to announce that Saskatoon TechWorks will have an exhibit at Spectrum 2013, the tri-annual College of Engineering science fair being held January 17-20. We’re going to have lots of cool stuff on display so come by and check us out!

More details can be found at

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#SKTechWorks on freenode

Just a reminder that the best way to reach us is via IRC as most of our members (including all of our directors) hang out in IRC around the clock. We are in channel #SKTechWorks on You can join us using the IRC link above or with your favorite IRC client. Feel free to drop in if you have any questions or just want to chat!

Edit (May 2021): We are no longer on Freenode.  You can find us on Libera.Chat.

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Meeting Announcement: Tuesday, October 9th *NEW LOCATION*

This month’s meeting will mark our first at the new location. While we are still officially located on 20th St, we did take early possession of our new location so we thought it would be a good idea to host this month’s meeting there. The new address is 422 44th St E (just off of Faithfull Ave). The meeting will be at our usual time, 7pm. Everyone is welcome to come check out the new space during this time!

Also, for current members, we will be asking that you return your fob some time this month so that we can get our deposits back from the 220. No word yet on when we’ll be officially moved in to the new place, but we should have a better answer to that on Tuesday at the meeting.

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Saskatoon Techworks is moving!

Yes, that’s right! Effective November 1st, we will no longer be located at the 220. While this was a great starting location for us, in order to grow ourselves as a hackerspace we feel that it’s time to move on. We’re actually getting possession of our new space on October 1st, so we’ll be busy moving for most of October.

We’ll be sharing the exact location of our new space shortly, but for now here are some of the basic details:
– North Industrial area
– direct entry
– overhead door
– roughly the same square footage as our location at the 220

We are very excited about the space as it opens up many new possibilities for us (i.e. welding, etc). Stay tuned for more updates as we start to move in!

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Open House: Saturday, August 25th, 1pm-9pm

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be holding an open house on Saturday, August 25th between 1pm and 9pm. There will be lots of cool projects on display and members on hand to answer questions or just chat. We might even have snacks… Come check it out!

Update: Brett Coulthard from Frivolous Engineering has generously donated two of his Useless Machines for us to raffle off at the open house. All the more reason to stop by!

Studio D
The Two Twenty
220 20th St W